Many of you have written to ask when Aging Solo will officially go offline in your area. Yes, we continue to  on the prowl for investors and corporate sponsors. In the meantime –we’ve come up with a way to get this party started..

All Boomers need more real life friends. Which is why we want to be a true on -and off line resource for meeting people –with interests similar to yours.



They don’t just make life more fun; they also look out for us. Without a circle of close friends most of us will have NO safety net as we grow older. First, however, all of us MUST build awareness that 25 million of us Boomers are in the same boat. (Plus even Boomers with children don’t always have close knit tiesto childen across the country.)  Statistically we are 1 of out of every 3  Baby Boomers. Yet, our real numbers may be far higher.



Each of us has to spread the word on a grassroot level. It’s really not that hard. Heck, we’re a fun, intelligent, bushy tailed bunch of Boomers in our 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. All of us are interested in meeting new people for everything from nightlife and brunch to wellness and travel –as well as building a real sense of community. Hey, if Millenials can go to two or three MeetUps a week — so can we.



Go ahead. Kick-off an AgingSolo MeetUp in your town or city. No matter how shy you are, it’s easy . Why? Because every Boomer is more than ready to get out of the house and to meet new people.

So, Cut and paste our MeetUP Template from this site. Or print it out. You know your community better than we do.  So fill  in a time, day of the week and a place you think is appealing . Think about what you would like to do when you plan your event. Maybe a regular Saturday “walk and talk” somewhere scenic. Or, a morning coffee meet up in a local diner (on a specific day and time) each week. Local libraries might work. They frequently let groups  use a room.Anytime, you find a congenial looking place,  ask the manager or owner if they want to be a part of your first  event — or the next one.



 Make at least 20 copies! Grocery stores, gyms, bookstores or even a local hardware store are all good places to hang up your first Aging Solo Meet Up notice.  NOTE: If you’d like- we’re happy to call your local newspaper and give them the details of your event for you. Just shoot us an email.

Don’t forget to share your experience with hosting an Aging Solo Meet Up on our Facebook page –yes, even if it’s a hysterical disaster. Sounds fun, right? Actually it will be fun, because all of us are in this together.

Keep your eye on th ball.. Even if the first try is a bomb– your second try at starting a local MeetUp coud be fabulous. When people arrive make sure they each get a chance to talk.  Hand out secret question for people to ask each other and have them wite down the answer. Always collect emails. MOSTLY, don’t forget,  MeetUps aren’t meetings. They’re fun when the focus is on on learning about each other– and finding common interests. (Always ask who wants to plan the next one, )


Stay in touch!!!














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